Why has Autism Been turned into an umbrella diagnosis?

Say, I’ve doing some thinking. Actually, I’m always thinking. At speeds that would probably horrify most people if they could just peer into my mind. Good thing you can’t. I probably wouldn’t like that very much. (also I miiight go on tangents I’m so sorry) So, Where to begin? I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome pretty young, and I guess I’m not “normal”.

But the thing is, is there something wrong with me? Do I need to be cured? Am I in-capable of tying my own shoelaces? Well, judging from the fact that I have a blog, Probably not? (though it took way longer than It should. knots are weird.) So, I guess the thing is this: The mental health bible, as I like to call it, got updated recently. What it it? The DSM- 5? Yeah, that’s the one. So, I guess I have have a personal stake in this. Mainly, because I kinda liked being an aspie. And hell, I’m going to keep on calling myself that, screw them. I don’t have a Developmental disorder, I have a problem called I’m ‘dis-orderly’ and call them out on their nonsense and tell people how it is. Instead of having an epiphany that maybe we just think the truth is the truth, we clearly don’t understand how we are supposed to behave! Okay, I’m getting off topic.

So, let me make something absolutely clear: I’ve been one to dabble in ‘conspiracies’ in the past, and sometimes still do. So, That brings me to vaccines. And I guess the insinuation of people claiming that it is caused by those things is that I’m somehow broken and damaged goods? I guess I feel like ‘autism’ fits into 2 categories:

  • ‘Neodrodiversity’
  • Brain Impairment/damage

And I guess my question is, who gets to decide which is which? where do we draw the line? I don’t really know. But It seems as if the traits for ‘aspergers’ run in my family (fathers side. Don’t know my mothers parents well also, dead.). My father isn’t ‘diagnosed’, but I’ll eat my hat if anyone tries to tell me he doesn’t fit the bill. But that doesn’t surprise me.

My grandfather, on the other hand, is where it intrigues me. He has traits like, say: obsession with ritual and routine, It has to be this milk, that butter. Actually, remember a rather sad if funny conversation. He was tasked with getting “hot choc” on the shopping list. So, what does he do? Finds a hot chocolate with those exact words written on it. That’s just an example. My sleep addled brain fails me. 😦

Now, why the quotation marks? Well, isn’t it just a set of personality traits that society has deemed undesirable? We have disorders like “Oppositional Defiant disorder”, for example. Oh, we don’t just blindly obey an adult because we were told to? What if we think your orders make no sense?  Ugh. I hate that people don’t understand that. It’s not about being defiant or authority or and of that nonsense! I just don’t follow systems I perceive to be broken. Hell, and they won’t even let people fix them.

Oh, and here’s one of my favorite ones: When people act like anything I’m saying is somehow irrelevant or irrational because I’m an aspie. Like how I refuse to drink fluoridated water, for example. I’m just a fixated freak, apparently. (oh, It’s for my teeth? what’s that, google? dental/skeletal fluorosis? flouride is bad for my teeth as well? Give me a break.  It’s poison. Why should I back down on that, just because it’s not accepted opinion, or that people will levy meaningless labels like “Conspiracy theorist” at me? Perhaps Our only failing is that this world is mad, and we call it out for being that way. Am I bad at talking? yeah. I guess. But I think the real problem is that I tell it like it is. And that scares people.


5 thoughts on “Why has Autism Been turned into an umbrella diagnosis?

  1. I came across a good quote the other day, I can’t remember the source, “Two percent of people think. Five percent of people think they think. And the rest of the people would rather die than have to think.”.

    I looked up Asperger’s Syndrome recently in response to one of your earlier posts and came across this website
    Here are a couple of lines from it…

    Difficulty making friends and often teased by other children.
    Unusual language abilities that include advanced vocabulary and syntax but delayed conversation skills, unusual prosody and a tendency to be pedantic.
    An unusual profile of learning abilities.
    Sensitivity to specific sounds, aromas, textures or touch
    Problems knowing when something may cause embarrassment.
    A longer time to process social information, due to using intelligence rather than intuition.
    ………..From my clinical experience I consider that children and adults with Aspergers Syndrome have a different, not defective, way of thinking.

    Is the condition always associated with a lack of physical coordination? I suspect there is always going to be a problem with definitions. Conditions with similar symptoms may have unrelated causes. I am thinking of those historical cases of Feral children, discovered to have survived in forests for years without human society and brought back into society. They could never be taught to speak afterwards. Were they rejected because they were retarded or were they retarded because they were rejected? Or could either cause have the same result.

    Are you familiar with the Tarot of Marseilles? If you can, find an image of the LE FOL card in the Jack Dodal edition or even better, the Jean Noblet edition and see if you agree it might depict a figure with an Asperger’s like condition. (I have read that LE FOL does not mean ‘Fool’ but derives from a latin word for ‘wind’.

    I refuse to drink fluoridated water too. You are right about that. I have a friend who agrees absolutely that fluoride is a poison but drinks it anyway and won’t even invest $150 to buy a water distiller. Most people don’t care. 2%, 5% and the rest. Knowing something is not the same as the ability to think.

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    1. Okay, Where to begin. So, about physical coordination. I’m not 100% sure it has to be present, But for Aspergers it is alarmingly common. I’m terribly clumsy, always running into things and moving in a rather strange fashion. To be honest, I’m starting to wonder if it’s because my connection to the physical plane is weaker than most. If that was true, it would explain many things. Maybe I will write about that later.
      And yeah, about that idea: My mother was told by ‘experts’ I would never learn to do anything, I would nee everything! In my experience people don’t even try, they just give up before they even start. So the latter statement seems to be true in my experience.
      The only reason I’m as functional as I am is because people tried. Really, really hard.

      We are like grown up children. That’s really the best way to describe it. I reminds me of this bible verse:
      And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” THe bible while being distorted is still filled with wisdom.
      Tarot? To be honest, I haven’t really delved much into it. I know of the ‘fool’, yeah. Just had another look for you though. The fool seems to be called LE MAT, though. Is this the desk you mean?
      I think it does, in a way. There is a naivete that can’t be denied and a sort of divine protection watching over us. Trust me. I’d swear the heavens are watching out for me. the idea of it meaning wind makes sense to me.
      Oh, and that friend of yours reminds me about mark passio’s semminar you got me onto. (okay, it wasn’t that dumb, I often come across the wrong way) Knowledge is simply the beginning of the journey. To move forward, Action is required. hmmm.. Masculine energy.

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  2. An excellent and fascinating post, Sage.
    Oh when I was a teacher how my blood used to boil when the ‘experts’ bandied around their cocktail of ‘disorders’ – ESPECIALLY ODD!! Once taught a boy diagnosed with that who was slung out of classes right, left and centre, just because he was way more intelligent than the teachers, and had the audacity to tell them when they got things wrong! The ‘neurotypical’ population can be so stupid and reactionary sometimes. I’m embarrassed for my kind. We NEED neurodiversity to breath life and new ideas into our species, and you are right in all you say here.
    Keep speaking out!

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