Can spirit guides and channelings be trusted?

For those not aware, Certain practices have made a massive resurgence on recent years. Things like Reiki, Tarot, Energy work, crystals, fortune telling, Astral projection, and so on. Chances are the people I’m trying to reach will ignore this, but that can’t be helped. So, Why do I bring this up? Well, People take their word as gospel, so I can’t help but wonder something: Why are people assuming that they can be taken at their word? Yes, I know that tarring everything with the demonic brush is foolish and unwarranted. But still, It worries me!

I have to make a confession here: I was raised a christian, and have had certain ideas ingrained into me about such things. But, I’ve also heard rather disturbing stories about spirits that would certainly make me cautious. The first was one told to me by a teacher as a teenager.  A group of girls were messing around with an ojo board and told my art teacher about it. He warned them not to get involved in such things. Naturally, they ignored him, and did it anyway. But that wasn’t the end of it. One came back to him, in tears. “I can’t stop using it. THEY won’t Let me.” the spirits were forcing the poor girl to keep using the ojo board. I didn’t hear the rest, or I’ve forgotten. But doesn’t it make you stop and think?

That was just the one that was the most prominent in my mind, there were others. See, I guess the thing I want people to understand is that they are walking into an entirely new world they know nothing about. not everything in the spirit realm (or astral plane or what have you) has your well-being in mind. They have their own agendas. To quote something at random (pulled from google, naturally):

“Evil Spirits

Many of the ghosts that get up to no good are thought to be the spirits of dead people who failed to be reborn. Not all of these spirits are bad, but most of them are and they can be volatile and unpredictable. However, for every evil spirit there is an anti-spirit to counter it. Anybody having problems with a malevolent spirit may call on the services of a spirit doctor (mor phi), who can help find the anti-spirit.”

That’s plainly out in the open information (it’s from a travel guide for thailand!), free for anyone to access. It’s not occulted or hidden in the slightest! Oh, and I came across a book, called: Siren’s Call: hungry ghosts. it’s rather interesting, because it lines up with that rather well.

Sometimes I wonder why they would do it in the first place. I would simply reply: they wish to feed on your energy. There are terms like possession in ancient spiritual traditions that really, really need to be remembered. See, the thing is that possession is only the most extreme form of invasion. A spirit or entity may simply latch onto you in some fashion without actually possessing you fully. This concept Is explored in Jungian psychology, if I’m not mistaken. Before I sound as if I’m damning all contact with the higher realms, let me say this: Not all spirits can’t be trusted. But! This is why you must Make sure they can be.

Someone offered to talk to my higher self for me, and I won’t get into the details of why or who. you know who you are. But I asked it a question as a way of testing it. In hindsight, it was rather silly. But guess what? My supposed higher self failed miserably at answering it! So, how can you tell the genuine apart from the fake? Well, If I didn’t know better I’d say I can talk to my higher self at will. The main thing i notice is that it doesn’t, to put it in it’s terms: “I will not coddle you. Do not ask of me that which you already know to affirm your self-doubt.”  It continues, but I won’t bore you. After all, what is the point of this experience? I guess I feel a bit like doing it would be cheating as well?  This game we play, if you indeed wish to put it that way, is intended to be played a certain way. If one could dial home at any time would it not defeat the point? Our struggles, our mortality. To be god playing man. If it was easy then success would lose all meaning. I learned that from video games. You can laugh if you want. Profound things often come from the strangest of places. But still, I don’t think that you understand that you don’t really want what you are seeking.   It asks what I seek to gain?  Life can be hard sometimes, I know. It’s easy to give up and try and get someone else to think for us. Escaping into fantasy has such a terrible allure.

Anyway, I wanted to compile a short list of utter nonsense that spirits like to spout to impress people.

  • First, if they start waffling about Atlantis (excluding Plato’s Atlantis) and Lemuria? Call them out on it. those terms were invented in the Renaissance and are just buzzwords. I’ve studied earth’s actual history and it’s really, really weird. The old ‘Empire’ would be a better term for the last great civilization. And it isn’t all that old. Our historical timeline is so distorted.
  • If they tell you how complicated and elaborate the realm they inhabit is and how many levels it has, also call them out on that. That’s just breaking something formless into little blocks and counting them.
  • Mystification/over-complication of knowledge is exactly the kind of thing they pull. the truth is almost always simple.
  • If they tell you they knew you in a past life and give you details about it? Check that information. Look into it! It seems that alarmingly often these spirits are leading you up the garden path.
  • And finally, A bit red-flag is if they start flattering you and the like. “You’re so clever, so special. Most humans are sheep.” Really, don’t trust anything like that.

At the end of the day, the kind of people who do this sort of thing probably are not going to read this. Heck, It’s 1000 words. That’s almost a novel, according to some people. I guess that can’t be helped. So, In closing: Don’t take these things at their word! Just like in this world, people lie! Also, not everything is out to get you either. I mean, my ‘conscience/higher self’ is nice. Alright. Take care.


2 thoughts on “Can spirit guides and channelings be trusted?

  1. I feel like I’m being challenged to come back at you for this. Not sure I especially want to, though. The points you make are all good, and have been made by many people, many times before.
    I think what you say about ‘cheating’ is particularly interesting. It did make me laugh (but in a good way). Yes, I’ve often wondered about that ‘phone home’ idea, and whether we are supposed to cut ourselves off from anything outside of physical life while we’re fumbling around on the blue planet.
    Thing is, we’re not just physical. We’re also mental, emotional, psychological… There are no end of gurus and experts around who will tell you how you should live your life:
    Don’t overthink things, just go with your instinct…
    Hand yourself over to God/Goddess/the pursuit of money/…
    Only believe what can be scientifically tested…
    You know the sort of thing. Everyone thinks they know best what to believe and how to live and which voices to listen to. Thing is, there is no one right answer. We’re way more complex than that. What works for me doesn’t work for you, and vice versa. That’s just fine. It only becomes a problem when we try to make others do what we tell them to.
    So be as cynical and cautious as you like, dear Sage, but be open to other possibilities and don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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  2. Yeah, I suppose It does seem a bit like that, doesn’t it? Actually I wrote this because I was upset and needed something to do.. This was the first thing that came to mind. (You are a friend, after all?) I just feel frustrated, because so much of this stuff is not even proper connection with spirit, let alone good or bad ones.

    It’s just delusion (making a connection is really hard! Trance is hard.). And that probably worse, in a sense. Things like relativism, subjective truth, “Take what resonates” Is what you hear. Or to put it another way: Ignore what makes you uncomfortable.
    Anyway, I don’t really want to talk about that anymore, either. Oh yeah, the cheating thing. I don’t think seeking higher guidance is a bad thing, just that often people throw away their perfectly good reasoning skills and independence and beg for guidance, simply because it is easier. We can do better than that.
    Balance. That’s what we need. I was saying essentially that we can figure out what we ‘want for lunch’ on our own terms. Your purpose in life? sure, phone home.
    But as you say, you can’t force somebody to do things your way. Oh my goodness, that is so true! You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.
    I actually wasn’t trying to do that here, sorry if it come across that way. (Ain’t that the bane of my existence! stupid Aspergers). It was intended to be some friendly advice from someone who doesn’t want to see people get hurt.

    Oh, and I’ve been writing a little story. First time for everything, right? Okay, take care.

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