So, you think you’re from another planet?

Say, you say you reckon you’re not from around these parts, eh? well, don’t just stand there looking lost! Come on in. No, really. I don’t mind.

Let me fetch you something. A spot of tea? Make yourself at home. I know the Interstellar Gateways can be murder on the digestion…

Just a little disclosure: this has been swirling around my head like an unwelcome guest for a long time now. I think it’s finally time to just get it out.

This world we currently live in, it feels terribly queer, does it not? Always the black sheep, always finding yourself wandering aimlessly during school? Maybe you reject stupid commands that make no sense? Do you hate the way everything is so shallow so you withdraw into a world of your own? Maybe. Maybe. I don’t really know. Maybe you clicked here out of some strange sense of curiosity. But At the end of the day, you are here. And that is all that matters.

Which brings me to what I’ve been wanting to say. If you’ve ever dabbled in spirituality in recent years, you are probably familiar with the new-age movement. My goodness, I won’t get into that. But see, there are these labels floating around, such as crystal children, star-seeds, Indigo Children, And others that I probably haven’t heard of. The idea is that earth is in trouble, and you/we were sent here to clean some mess up made by the forces of Darkness (the evil reptile overlords, who else?) that are currently occupying the planet which is quarantined by the galactic alliance of “Sirians” and the “Orion empire” and the “blonds” and on it goes (yes, I just oversimplified it. Shush). Goodness, what a mouthful! And that’s only just a little bit of the drama. You get timelines, predictions channelled from some haughty council of aliens in orbit around Saturn or goodness knows what else. I’ve dabbled in these things before.

Bloody saturnians. Pain the butt, they are.

I guess it comes back to this idea that the body is just a transitory vessel. We reincarnate over and over, Each time a little different. Maybe we learn a lesson, maybe we are trapped in some sadistic cycle of amnesia. 21st century earth is terribly queer, I know. This I can feel in my bones. A weariness I can’t quite describe. I feel like I’m from another era at times. Some people feel like their souls are elves, Or dragons even. Of course, Most people mock the idea. It seems so silly to them. I won’t laugh. It just makes me sad.

See, Wherever we were, Whatever we used to be. Be it grand of pitiful, majestic or lame. That world is gone. We can’t turn back the wheels of time. This is where we are right now. This is the world we are faced with. Like it or not, These bodies need food, They degrade and grow frail with time.

Are we supposed to believe that aliens are going to swoop in and save everyone? That a knight on a pale horse is going to come riding in at the eleventh hour when the bell rings? No, I don’t think so. And I think it would do more harm than good. If you love something, you have to let it learn to stand on it’s own.

So that leaves strange people like you and me. Are we supposed to change the world? To go suit up and go slay “the dragon”? I used to think so. There is a line from an old Chinese philosopher that goes something like this: “In times of strife, lower your expectations.” The world is out of balance, And we need to find ourselves. Not get all riled up about things we can’t change or isolate ourselves further and make ourselves miserable because of some concept of mission or purpose instilled in us by someone on the internet. You’re a human being now, whether you like it or not. It’s about sitting at the kitchen bench, and eating something filling and warm. It’s about lying in bed, and feeling safe and cosy. It’s about running really fast and having some plain old fun.

And in the meantime, maybe you can set a good example? Fair winds to you.


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