Rediscovering the joy of reading.

reading_a_book-t2If there was one thing in life that I fear the most, it would be boredom. I’m someone who honestly doesn’t really care about much at all.  But lately, I’ve been having a blast. Doing what? oh, nothing much. Just curled up in bed reading a good book.

And If I sound overly verbose, I must offer my sincere condolences. *ahem* Anyway, Enough of that. They worm their way into my head! “I must assent, I this is so.” I mean, who has even used the word assent before? Darn you Dracula, and your Edwardian english! So yeah. I’ve been reading Dracula. Not some stupid modern vampire knock-off, the good stuff! Edward (from twilight) doesn’t have nothing on the count. Seriously, he’s a crafty bastard. What’s that? garlic and a locked window? Surprise! Wolf through the window! Also, I never realized that garlic was a flower. Now I wanna see a  wooden stake driven into that sparkly vegetarian. Also, how being “vegetarian”that even work?  Animal blood transfusions killed people! But I guess trying to make sense of a book like that is just silly.

Okay, Enough about that. If you can’t tell I’m really enjoying myself.

What else have I been reading? Oh, I read the Iliad Too! hey, it turns out there is no Trojan horse. And Achilles doesn’t die from being shot in the heel by Paris. So yeah. Kinda weird. And he fights a river! yeah?

And a while back I read H.G wells war of the worlds. I don’t know how to explain it, other than to say it’s almost as though these original books have something that newer ones don’t. There is this unmistakable feeling of reality permeating the fiction. It’s not just oh no aliens! again. It’s something different. They even manage to destroy one of the martian walkers at one point. They’re not invincible. They just move really fast and have these horrible heat rays that can fire at extremely distant targets. And later, this lethal gas they dispense that tends to upset artillery crews. In many modern alien stories, their weapons never really seem all that effective. I think the worst culprit was these energy weapons in the first captain America movie. they fired terribly slow, and merely vaporised people. Not much more effective than guns. in fact, they lose to them.

And not only that, But you get to peer into the culture that created these works. I get to visit England, Babylon, Greece, India, China, all without ever leaving my room. Something is embedded in these pages. Each one has different values, beliefs. I just hope I don’t run out.Anyway, ramble over. I’m gonna go.



One thought on “Rediscovering the joy of reading.

  1. So you’ve become a reader! Excellent. Enjoy. Many more worlds for you to enter now.
    Think I’m going to run out of time before I run out of books, but hey, there’s always next time around 🙂

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