The problem with shoes.

There are things we just take for granted. Running water, electricity, or maybe even shoes. I mean, we can’t go walking around barefoot on concrete or asphalt! So we made shoes. But are they good for our feet? I don’t know about that.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve really hated wearing shoes with a burning passion. Why? blac-crocs_thumbThey feel constrictive and heavy, not to mention shoelaces are so annoying! I can recall many a time my mother has exclaimed in frustration that I should put some ‘real shoes’ on. please! Are you trying to tell me crocs are bad or something?    For a long time I just thought I was just weird. But here’s the thing: I recently acquired a “minimalist” pair of shoes and I love the darn things to death! A show of hands of the people who have feet/leg/knee pain? I know I always did.

Or had to get ingrown toenails cut out, or their toes separated? It’s rather common these days. I.  I’m not talking about those specifically, but bear with me. Why is having no heel support a bad thing?  I want you to try something for me: Take your shoes and socks of for a moment. and try to walk barefoot on your heels. How does it feel? Not very pleasant, is it? Our heels just aren’t designed for it. The arch of our foot is the load-bearing part.

So many people end up with so many problems from running, or what have you. People even say that running ruins your knees! The explanation is that we are not “supposed” to live that long. Which is a load of rubbish, and the whole caveman excuse is rather tired by now. So, What’s wrong with shoes? Actually, not all shoes. Just shoes with an elevated heel, arch support, and those that don’t allow enough space for the toes to spread naturally. beneficial.  Oh, and too much cushioning from the ground. Turns out we just land harder the more you add. Also, Here are some studies on the subject: Here is a link to bunch of   studies and articles on the subject. I’d recommend checking the one about normal gait first.

So what are we supposed to do? Go barefoot? Nope! Lets not be too drastic. (some people are very all or nothing) Unless you want to? then knock yourself out! But for the rest of us mere mortals, there are other options. Crocs are still pretty awesome, but not ideal.  I’ve been doing some searching, and it turns out there are actually loads of different options available. Actually, the site I just linked has a list. You can have a gander if you want? Some are more modern-looking, others just opt to go back to our roots. traditional Sandals, Moccasins, what have you. if it worked for our ancestors, why not us?

It is a rather painful transition process though. If done improperly, you can (and will!) injure yourself. But after a few weeks you start to adjust, and it’s great!I can’t stand sneakers now. I want to just toss the damn things off. It feels Wrong. kinda like standing on stilts? What did I get? Oh, these things. They’re called earth runners. They have little a little metal plug for earthing set in the sole. Earthing is really, really cool. (though I’m starting to have my doubts that special shoes or sheets are needed).earth-runners-alpha

And you can wear them in winter, too. They have tabi socks for them. (think mittens for your feet.)  But hey, It’s nice to know I’m not weird. Oh, And one more thing- There are more “normal” looking minimalist shoes if you don’t want to walk around in sandals.

Anyway, That was all. Oh, and have some links that I liked. There are heaps of options, I just don’t want to walk around in something like this!!!

Ugh no. Screw that!

Toe Toe Socks

Unshoes usa

Tadvevvo Winter boots. Super comfy, (and worth every penny)

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