Have you tried minimalist footwear?

There are many problems we consider normal in modern society When it comes to our feet. Ingrown toenails, fused toes, knee replacements, and a whole slew of other things. I personally don’t buy the idea that knees just wear out over time, because we never lived that long till now.

So are modern shoes to blame? Are they wreaking havok on our bodies? It’s true that going barefoot isn’t possible all the time, so what are the alternatives?

Lately, people in various fields have started to design shoes with the human foot in mind, in response to various studies on the subject.

Wide toe boxes, minimal cushioning, and no heel or arch support to speak of whatsoever. You know how high heels ruin people’s skeletal alignment? Well, almost all shoes have heels, and it forces the entire body to compensate by a few degrees.

It also reduces the amount of contact with the ground. One of the things that is essencial for good balance is tactile feedback- being able to feel the ground beneath us. When we are deprived of this, often we step harder and harder to get this response. Without all this cushioning, the entire gait changes.

It’s no small wonder our knees get worn out stomping around all day. It makes me wonder why these stiff, foot ruining shoes were developed in the first place.

While there are some rather outlandish looking minimalist shoes, the vast majority nobody would even be able to tell the difference.

studies on footwear and health.

If you want to make the change, be mindful that it must be done gradually or you’ll injure yourself. But after a few weeks you start to adjust, and it feels great!

I’ve saved you the trouble of searching far and wide, these seem to be the besr options as far as I’m aware


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