Feeling like myself again.

Ramble ahead, sorry.

I’ve been on a little trip recently. I managed to get completely eaten by mosquitoes, and my poor feet look like I’m diseased or something. But I also got to see the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen. And watch the evening go by sitting by a roaring fire. stars above my heah, The cool sand under my feet, Illuminated by the moons gentle rays.

Uh oh. I’ve done it again. I’m rhyming without even trying. Maybe that is a little odd. But that’s just the way I am. I don’t really bother trying to hide it.

I don’t really know. But today I feel like myself. I have a feeling it has to do with a cleansing ceremony done by an native of the area (well, mostly native). It’s funny, because I felt almost immediately better.  I guess it was the Australian equivalent of sage. You know, I kinda get the feeling I’ve become somewhat of a hippie? Uh oh… 🙂 My younger self would faint at the sight! I don’t even sleep in a ‘proper’ bed anymore! It’s getting pretty weird. I roll it up every morning. Oh, and the earthing sheet. that thing is amazing! I’d highly recommend it to anyone. Give up coffee. you won’t need it anymore. I managed to regain the same amount of energy I had as a kid. That is a double edged sword, mind you. Ughh… by the way, I used to run around the house like a caffeinated rodent whenever I got the chance. (and run into things)

Very tired today though. I’m afraid of being too awake though. ah well.  I keep asking myself a question: what is it that I actually want? I really enjoy reading books. But My mind is hardly up for the task. there a constant chatter going on. I’m just an observer. I’m being told to do things, and I do them. They know what’s up. I hope?

Anyway, I keep hearing something repeating itself in my mind, over and over again.


That I shall. See you guys in the soup. I better just rest.


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