Transgender Gate-keeping, Self-medicating, and other grievances




I’ve heard people on the internet complain about people being able to just decide they are a man or a woman and society will hand them a bunch of medications and they will ruin their bodies. The EVIL agenda strikes again! Or so I hear. I’ve actually gone and seen Psychologists about gender dysphoria. And the funny thing is, That’s not been what I found at all. Maybe things are done differently in the states than Australia. I don’t really know. I can remember hearing about this a while ago from people in the same situation. But I hadn’t felt it sting myself. Now though? It’s a bit different.  I need to vent.

This isn’t just a personal problem. Many people in my situation try  and get help, and are turned away. From what I understand not an inconsiderable number of people end up killing themselves. No joke. Whatever happened to informed consent? “Are you sure you’re not just a effeminate guy? What if you’re wrong?” “Are you sure?” “But what if you are still depressed a year later?” 

And My personal favorite: “Are you sure this isn’t just another one of your autistic fixations”? Those are things that were said to me, word for word. I find the first one especially funny because of the things I’m about to mention. This is common. I honestly though that maybe the people who were meant to help you wouldn’t be such obtuse idiots afraid that something might go wrong.Edit

It’s like deciding better to imprison innocent people than take the chance a guilty person walks free.Like: Oh no, But the mood swings! it could be bad? What’s that? Your dysphoria is causing you to have panic attacks/feel numb, binge eat all the time, Start physically goddamn shaking or losing control of your limbs? Oh, that’s just your “depression”. You should like, work on fixing that. cause those are totally symptoms of that. (I hate that word so much.)

“Hey you! with the giant rock stuck to your back! Why can’t you stand up properly!? Are you sure that getting the rock off will help? We will think about getting the rock off your back. but not until you stand up properly. I’ll not say any more. it is far too vitriol and bitter. I honestly don’t understand why they are so eager to prescribe anti-depressants yet so afraid of giving you what you actually need. I’m not sure what I expected from official channels anyway. Actually, I have to wonder if female to male transgendered people experience the same opposition? I have a suspicion, but I don’t want to assume. I’ve just started noticing so much damn misogyny around lately. Ughh.. Do people wanting abortions have get this kind of opposition?

I’m genuinely curious who thought this kind of thing was a good idea. I mean, if you turn people away from official channels, you are not going to stop them. People like myself are either going to kill ourselves or go obtain the things we need by any means necessary. If that means buying them off the “black market” so to speak, Then so be it. Losing money? getting ripped off? Why should we care? I don’t. I don’t care one bit. 100 dollars? 200? no big deal. It seems there is a one rather popular site for for this. Did I do that? That is none of your business.

I was nagged by people to go through the official channels. And this is how I’m rewarded? Pfft. Official? That doesn’t mean anything to me. It’s just the guy with a bigger stick and a fancy crest to go with it. Please. feel so darn alienated. I’ve tried to worm my way into society. But people insist on doing things in such an irrational or childish level that I can’t be a part of it. I don’t understand why anyone gets to decide what I do with my body. Or why I can’t figure out my own darn dosages. It’s not like there is any shortage of documentation online on the subject.

Anyway, Thanks for reading. See you round.


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