What now?


Seeing as nobody wanted to read my last post, I’m making this one! because… reasons?  I guess people really do judge books by their covers. it was a happy post! well, mostly. It was kinda bittersweet. I don’t feel this cold dark void of oblivion creeping into my every thought anymore. I feel warm inside. I’m actually smiling!  I mean, blogging has been fun. . But is it something I want to keep doing? I don’t know. I’ve always liked helping people. I don’t like waffling on about myself endlessly. Feel free to spit out your cofee or something. I don’t mind.

Sorry about going quiet. The medications I’m on seem to have sapped my strength. Darn you spiralactone! *shakes fist* next time…  How am I supposed to do yoga  like this? N-not that i do yoga. 🙂 They also make me feel like life is worth living, so I’d say that’s worth it! Best. thing. ever! Screw that awful scent we used to have. Yuck! The salt cravings are real though.

Maybe I just need time to recover. And more sleep? I mean, I’d like to explain how my condition works and why people who say it’s a mental ilness are wrong and misinformed (is it even worth trying?). Or maybe give advice on sleeping and how to get up in the morning.  It might sound dumb, but everyone seems to do it wrong! 😦 Or all sorts of other things. I’ve forgotten what they were though. I bet people would like the sleep one. It’s so stupidly simple. Most things are.991203

And in other news, I seem to have found my animal totem/spirit animal. It’s this little guy: The blackbird. Mine had green markings and white spots on its wings. Normally birds run away. It didn’t. It was wierd. then there was one sitting on the glass of the window, then it jumped onto the screen door. All in the space of a few seconds. Point is, birds are not supposed to do that.

Is it an omen? Probably. Anyway, Bye!



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