Apparently I’m androgonous now?

I don’t know how to put this. But people seem to be confused as to wether I’m a boy or a girl lately. Just today, I was shopping for presents with someone. Anyway, the salesperson comes up and asks: “can I help you ladies with anything?” 🙂 Okay, at this point I’m dying. Hnnngh! my poor heart! I can’t take it. I’m sorry. I’ve been replacing my wardrobe gradually. I was wearing a rather “boxy” (not fitted at the waist) womens top, along with some “unisex” leggings shorts hybrid. Hilariously, they both fit me better than what I’ve been wearing.

Screw you, baggy tops! We’re done. I want a divorce.  I was pretty happy about that. But apparently It also means that macho jackasses seem to decide that making room for you on the footpath is just an optional extra? What? are you more important than me? I don’t get it. Arggghh… I mean,  Bleh. Love you too.  Can some legitemately explain this to me? like, what the fudge guys?

There was also a funny moment when I was doing something else. Yes dear, carry the oars for us. We wouldn’t want to you carry a canoe! oh no, that’d be to much for the poor miss. Well, until I started talking. bleh. Whatever.

Otherwise I really don’t have much to say. Other than I really, really want to learn how to braid my hair. (I certainly have enough- shoulder blade length) But it’s so curly! and I have horrible fine motor skills. I haven’t wanted to talk about my transition for a whole myriad of reasons. Mainly becuase I’m sick to death of it. But this is exciting! and fun.

What I’m worried about is when I open the door to recieve a package in the mail and they won’t give it to me. I already had to reassure one poor fellow at the post office once. oddly women don’t seem to care. Uh oh… 🙂 I was wondering if I should make a video or something. I don’t really know.


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