Skinny shaming, Shrinking, and body image.

You know, Once Upon a time I was slightly less thin than I am now. True story. But as it turns out, People will not Stop asking me if I’m starving myself.  Slight rant ahead. Forgive me. It’s just that literally everyone in real life won’t stop harrasing me about it.

It happened a bit before, but now it seems to have gone into overdrive! Are you eating!? Have you been starving yourself!? Oh, You Need to eat more. This is extra upsetting for me because  I uncontrolably binge ate for the past few years, and never, ever got any bigger. (I’m better now, still have my moments)  This is just the way that I am. But people can’t accept that. It’s so hard not to just lose it and scream at them. I was trying really hard one day to not binge eat and all people around me could do was tell me I need to get in the habbit of eating.

Asumptions, Right? Gotta love them. I didn’t just kinda overeat. I overate horribly. I guess I better admit they might be not entirely unreasonable in worrying about me. I used to wear a men’s Medium top. Now, It I’m not mistaken I don’t fit properly into anything from the mens section Anymore. Unless they Make XXS? I certainly haven’t seen it where I live. I hardly even see XS. (gotta love australia) But nowhere else? I mean, why would anyone bother to stock it? Lol.  And people keep trying to feed me these huge portions of food, As If I was much larger than I am. It’s really starting to piss me off. Can’t they just accept that I’m thin? I eat when I’m hungry. I stop when I’m full. What the hell is the problem with that? I’m sick of people assuming I’m fit, or anorexic, or whatever else people say. I am the way I am.

Anyway, that was all. Sorry, Kinda sleepy.



6 thoughts on “Skinny shaming, Shrinking, and body image.

    1. Lol? Well, Forgive me for being blunt, but that sounds awfully like the siren song of somebody who has never been in this position. Such platitudes sure sound nice. I don’t give a rat’s ass what people think, But they certainly do. Walking with your head held high can acomplish only so much.

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