I’m still Alive!

My blog has been rather quiet for some time. And when it hasn’t been, most of it has been rather irrelevant. I feel like I’m coming out of a fog.  I’ve been afraid to speak my mind for fear of what people might think.My transition has forced me to hide so much of who I am. (ugh. Family.) So many followers… “What if some of them don’t follow what the hell I’m talking about?” Uhhh… Stiff cheese? They’ll get over it? It’s a blog. On the internet. They probably follow us, then completely forget about us in like 5 minutes. That’s what happens when I bookmark something. 🙂

So what if I wanna mention chakras Or The Occult, Or whatever the hell else I feel like talking about? That’s literally what I made this blog for. As an outlet for my creativity. Otherwise, My mind is a like a caged bird.  struggling and reeling against the bonds of acceptable conversation.  And more than that, I’ve been Hurting inside. I’m terrified of the whirling torrent raging inside, So Certain that any person would be overwhelmed by it. So I hide it  and let it eat me alive. I have a reiki attunement, By the way. A week or so ago I found a massive blockage in my throat (Communication and expression) And I’ve also found a huge one in my Sacrum/Sacral (Creativity, Emotions, “Inner child”) that I’m working on as I write this. Oh. That feels good. I feel alive! (also, it kinda hurts?)

I am fire.

I have lost my place.

The blockage in my throat was so bad my ears would pop when doing physical activity. It made breathing really hard. My left ear has been blocked for months. Well, I found out why too. It would seem I have a lactose/Dairy intolerance/Allergy. Well, Let me put it this way: Whenever I have dairy my ears get clogged up, and it makes me feel horrible! I ran across someone commenting about this, And I was like: Thank god for that!

So yeah. I’m vegan now? Not by choice, But because I hate getting really, really sick? My ears are clear for the first time in months! Oh, It feels so darn good. Hey, do you know what else feels good? Not being on 100mg Of spirolactone. By the way, that’s a quadruple dose. I’m 55/56 kilograms and 182cm. Do the math. Yup. one very sleepy little sage. 🙂

It’s been good in a way, But now I’m on 25mg and not only can I function, But I’m friggin


hungry! I suppose you guys don’t know what weet-bix is, do you. Uhhh… It’s this thing. Anway, I ate like 8 of them this morning. Look! I wasn’t keeping count. I was just chucking them in one at a time till I didn’t feel like any more. For months I’ve not been able to eat more than a few morsels of anything. Spiro, you fiend! How could you! I trusted you… You were my friend.

Don’t get me started on how much Rice, noodles and beans I’ve guzzled down in the last few days. it scares me. OMG baked beans are so good.  Anyway, In the Spirit of personal expression, Here we are!

Uhhh… Hello! This may or may not be ruthlessly taken down by moi moi.

Is it stupid to wanna write something Like a Detailed analysis of toy stories esoteric themes? Yeah. Probably. But I wanna do it! I wanna do so many things… Ugh. I just wish I knew how tags and titles worked. You know, Emotions are good. I feel alive!

Ok, Bye!


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