Doing some spring cleaning.


It would seem the leaves are falling.

Everything that was whizzing by.

Leaving The shell behind.

I can scarcely believe my eyes.

Just what lies underneath?

Yes. Spring cleaning in autumn. I hope you understand the kind of person I am now. 😛 Anyway, I’ve been going though quite an emotional upheaval of late. It seems like the energy at the moment is really intense. For some reason I was waiting for somebody to do everything for me, sorting my blog out included.

Apparently we thought we were not capable of even organising my own writing? or  So I cried, Bitter tears at my own inadequecies. And Then I wondered to myself: Why the heck can’t I? But enough about me. The little worker bees have been upgrading the site to make it a little bit more accessable. What is the point in having all this wonderful content if nobody can find it? And even better, I’ve started editing old content because I wrote it when I was a moody teenager that seems totally unable to focus on the topic at hand and instead go off on some irrelevant tangent.

Oh. My goodness. So much of beating the same drum. Get a new one sage! Instead of writing yet another post on the same topic why not improve the old one? Silly little squirrel. Don’t you remember how to be?  Can’t you hear the footsteps? Life is just the way it was meant to be. Not as hard as it seems, Just stare a while, I’m sure you’ll see.


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