The Strange obsession with Grains

A few months ago I wrote a post/rant about skinny shaming that people seemed to rather enjoy. Truth be told, I was taking a medication that nearly killed me! (Spirolactone is Poison, Don’t take it!) Sooo… Yeah. But the thing is, I’ve stopped taking that and I’ve noticed something. I really, really just don’t want to eat bread, rice or anything like that. Yuck. But hand me some nuts? fruit? Raw/lightly cooked Vegies? Hell yeah! But When I do this people get some strange idea that I’m not eating “proper meals”.

Right. Because Humans are designed to eat cooked food, rather than the stuff that they foraged while they were roaming around in the wilderness before supermarkets. I follow you. Really. *rolls eyes* I was reading someone elses blog and they got me thinking about it. Why do I need to fill my stomach up with these useless carbohydrates anyway? Especially when I just want those damn pears and yummy nuts. ‘Stomach fillers’, That’s what I call them.

Oh, That’s A Paleo Diet, Right? I suppose it wouldn’t suit everyone, But It seems like It might work for me. Well, THat was all. Thanks for reading.


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