Surely Not all grains?

I recently wrote about the evils of those pesky grains. People really, really loved it for some reason. I even had a conversation about it with someone and they told me how much they completely agreed with me. Despite this, I continued to eat them, figuring that oats (edit- Oats require soaking overnight.) and the like were acceptable because well… they were wholesome, right? I even bought more. I was feeling so smug. All these people going on some bandwagon from some silly health book. I mean, I love my morning porrige. It’s warm and yummy.

But every morning I wake up hungry and rearing to go and then I sit down and eat it. After that? Not so much. All that energy suddenly seems to vanish. Don’t even get me started on the damn headaches. Because I’m not very well if I eat something that isn’t good for me I will know very fast. Think of it like a canary in a coal mine.

Health(ier) people can probably just keep chugging along with all the poisons in their body. I’m trying to recover from medication. Anyway, I think I might be convinced. The Grain Brain is actually a rather interesting read. PDF Here if you want to have a flick through. The Grain Brain- The Suprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs and Sugar.

Anyway, Thanks for reading.


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