Does your tool fit you?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve hated digging holes. Just holding a shovel felt like an effort. I make mention of this because recently I went to visit some family for easter and had the good fortune of spotting a wonderfully light and maneuverable shovel sitting in the dirt. It felt so good try it out! I feel like wool has been cleared from over my eyes. Maybe gardening won’t feel like pulling teeth after I get one for myself?

You know, we have endless sizes of clothes, gendered clothing and all the rest, but we often forget about tools and the like. After all, Women are simply shaped differently than men with wider hips, narrower ribs, smaller shoulders and a generally smaller stature.

So if You are stuck with a heavy piece of equipment made for a broad-shouldered, boxy physique when you have a completely different shape I assure you there are genuine practical reasons to address this.

No 2 people’s bodies are the same. It isn’t just a gender issue. Strangely enough, not everybody is built like a broad-shouldered tank.

I struggle to maneuver them about. I’m not exactly weak, It’s just that I’m quite slender and most of my strength is in my lower body. This is where I got thinking about relative size. Cookie cutter mentality: X amount of Y equals Z result. or “one size fits all” sure, that’s great if you fit the range that the supposed “universal” size actually works for, but it sucks for everyone else.

Cottage spade and garden spade

It turns out they do make shovels in different Sizes, along some designed specifically for women.

Hers Shovel, notice the extra large grip and step enabling you to make full use of your lower body strength.

Who said we had to use our arm muscles anyway? Fiskars also has a light range and a similar shovel to the one above.

Fiskars 47 in. Garden Spade Shovel. It also has a wider handle.
Fiskars Light Spade™

Many of these lightweight tools would be ideal for getting children or people who are not particually strong into outdoor work.

Did it ever occur to those who are full of a sense of pride and superiority that maybe the reason that the people who they say can’t compete with them are failing is because everything is tailored to match their strengths and feels awkward and clumsy for everyone else?

You can apply this concept to pretty much any area, and see this problem. Something that works for one person won’t for another. Thanks for reading.


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