The sneaky ways plants are trying to kill us…

Okay, maybe not kill us. More like… Give us indigestion?

So, Are you into eating healthy and raw/organic food? Great! The more natural the better, right?

I wish that were true. I’m reminded of something my father used to say to me: “You know are Naturally grown poisons?” I of course, Dutifully rolled my eyes. Oh, Please! Don’t be silly. But I think he might have been onto something.

See, Plants don’t really like being eaten. So, In order to discourage being munched on, they build defences. Generally these are found in the skin or the outer layer. I know eating things raw, the way nature intended is all the rage at the minute but cooking, peeling, Soaking, Sprouting and fermenting are all great practices to reduce Anti-Nutrients and increase “bioavailability”. Why they can’t  just say it makes them easier to digest is beyond me. maybe we shouldn’t eat the peel after all? Anyway,

Be well.



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