Is hormone replacement safe?



Synthetic hormones, Wether it be in the form of birth control, used in menopause, or treating individuals suffering from gender dysphoria these disrupt the natural balance of the body. While I’m certain there are a number of benefits, I’ve begun to wonder what kind of havoc they can wreak a long-term. (there are already warnings about blood clots and stroke, but this is only 1 area)

Before I continue I feel should mention I was born male but have taken female hormones in the past. I took them for a number of months, but since have  stop entirely due to health problems. So I started doing some reading.

I guess it comes as no surprise that introducing Synthetic hormones disrupts the bodies natural equilibrium. Everything is governed by them your brain, your nervous system, your metabolism, fat distribution, you name it, it messes with it. Not only that, but taking them also impairs the body’s ability to produce these chemicals naturally. There isn’t much research to draw upon in this area, simply because we just don’t have the data yet. THis is just about all I could find:  Consequences of long-term hormone replacement therapy.

at the very least Birth control pills seem to be quite harmful. I know that people in menopause or transgender people don’t exactly have a whole lot of alternatives. But still, If you don’t have to take the dreadful things, Don’t!


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