Is Paleo Really the way to go?

I know! Shun those pesky Grains, Carbs and Grab some bacon. Sounds great. Unless you’re a vegetarian. While I believe there are a number of good ideas in paleo, I don’t think it really makes sense.

How do we know what our ancestors actually ate? Why are eggs acceptable despite being potential irritants but legumes are off the table? Why do people insist on dividing the world into categories and acting as if they were real? in the end they are just mental abstractions we use to make sense of the world. It’s silly to tar an entire family or group of food with the same brush.

More to the point, What the heck does one eat for protein if they are vegetarian? Soy is banned, along with other legumes and grains because they irritate the body when eaten without adequate preperation. More to the point, Seeds and Nuts have similar irritants so  I don’t really get why legumes get the sack. Shocking. improperly prepared food upsetting the stomach. (I’m starting to wonder if the same goes for grains. Everyone soaked their porrige overnight back in the day,=.

Let’s turn that on it’s head for a moment. Do you eat your meat raw? Just how much of a process goes into making a slice of bacon or ham? Think of all the work it takes to butcher any animal. organs that got removed, the bones taken out All that legumes need is a little soaking and fermentation. 

Simply put, I’ve got nothing to eat. Only meat. Do you really believe we evolved from monkeys? Do you really believe our distant anscestors were hunter gathers?  I don’t. I think we have nobler origins than that. How about you?

And If you are interested, have a read of this: Are Legumes paleo and why it might not matter.

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