Beyond the numbers: The Synphony of ingredients.

Have you ever found yourself pouring over an ingredients list, Weighing up how many grams of sugar, fat or sodium was in something? It seems so matter of factly, sitting there on the nutrition label. But what exactly does it have to do with reality?

At the dawn of science, we started to pull the world apart into it’s most separate pieces. Frogs vivissected, proteins analysed. Torn apart until in their most basic pieces. find that they are fundamentally lifeless. Thus, they concluded, the world was dumb and dead.

But they missed something: Just like how a singer alone sounds stark and lame, yet with an accompaniment a rather wonderful melody unfolds, Food is much the same. So when we refine a substance to create something like an oil, or a protein isolate, we lose something. The body simply doesn’t know what to do with it. Unless you combine it yourself you are just asking for trouble. Everything needs a good backdrop.

More than that, ingredients complement one another and interact in ways that the labels will never elaborate on.


4 thoughts on “Beyond the numbers: The Synphony of ingredients.

  1. Your second paragraph here is one of the wisest things I’ve read in ages.
    Yes, that’s exactly what science did – and often still attempts to do.
    Dion Fortune, in the early 20th century, spoke of something similar in describing archaeologists and historians – analysing and pulling apart artefacts and structures from the past until they were left with a pile of meaningless rubble. The whole is always far more than the sum of its parts 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I rather like that sendiment myself. I’m tired of seeing it. How are you going> I’m afraid I’ve gotten rather unwell. (god, to hell with diets)
      Oh, they look like a theospist as well. This train of thought is somewhat’s Hp blataskphy’s doing.
      It’s really sad. The symphony falls silent, lone notes discordant.

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