Learning to go with the grain

Not too long I was munching into what claimed to be bread. Yuck! Try as it might, it was never going to be wheat. They spent so much effort trying to change it into something it’s not.

Not too long after staring at the laundry list of ingredients, I started to wonder: What could they come up with without trying to imitate and tried something new instead?

It would probably be nicer, I’m sure. Maybe it wouldn’t be pliable. Or doughy at all. So what? Too often we reject and try and change what we are presented with, which all to often only ends up making things worse.

The world is full of things like sushi, rice balls, corn tortillas, omelettes, noodles, rice paper, wraps, or any number of other things. Dare to be different! Life is hard. Crunchy, maybe even. But who doesn’t love a good piece of toast?

Thanks for reading.


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