Making light of Anorexia

“Hey, can I get you some lunch?” I turn my head, only be met with total stranger-her face etched with concern. Oops. I had been staring longingly at the Chinese food. Not out of hunger, just mere curiosity. All full of meat. Darn.

A total stranger! I mean, It’s touching and all, but I’m not starving and destitute! I hastily assure her that I’m alright, and thank her anyway. I won’t deny that it scared me at first. But eventually it just become normal and people’s reactions are kinda endearing. My personal favorite was the doctor who flipped out and told me to eat all the chocolate and other junk I wanted. Riiiight.. It totally work that way.

Traveling From the city and stop in to get some lunch. There are the usual fare- McDonald’s, along with a place selling the usual fare of forbidden foods. So I begrudgingly ordered roast veges. They take one look at me and dish up this enormous serving! Just the look on their faces..

Also, Sorry about going quiet. Stuff happened. But hey! It’s alright. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the guy who just randomly hands me not one, but two buckets of popcorn. Yuck. Dry and crunchy. Honestly. I’m not starving. Clearly the empty pedestal is not a good place to be. Be well.


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