Have you Heard of Tartaria?

I’ve been seeing Tartaria mentioned on the net quite a bit lately, Maybe you don’t care. Otherwise, Read on! It’s good that people question what they’ve been told. Trouble is, It seems like Tartary has become yet another buzzword to throw around (much like atlantis has.) See, I love reading historical books. Guess what I come across while reading the travels of Marco Polo the venetian?  Countless references to Tartary.

If you believe their account, Tartary was an empire with countless provinces that spanned all the way from persia to china, and everywhere inbeteeen. Just browse the chapters and you’ll see what I mean.Their journey takes them to china to meet the Grand Khan (king). They send some holy water, among other things.

How gengis khan was depicted in the 17th and 18th century.

I also found reference to it in the opening passages of the arabian nights:

“The chronicles of the Sassanians, ancient kings of Persia, who extended their empire into the Indies, over all the adjacent islands, and a great way beyond the Ganges, as far as China, acquaint us, that there was formerly a king of that potent family, who was regarded as the most excellent prince of his time. He was as much beloved by his subjects for his wisdom and prudence, as he was dreaded by his neighbours, on account of his velour, and well-disciplined troops. He had two sons; the elder Shier-ear, the worthy heir of his father, and endowed with all his virtues; the younger Shaw-zummaun, a prince of equal merit.

Shier-ear, who had naturally a great affection the prince his brother, gave him the kingdom of Great Tartary. Shaw-zummaun went immediately and took possession of it, and fixed the seat of his government at Samarcand, the metropolis of the country. –Arabian nights entertainment, page 11. (project Gutenburg.)”

What I don’t understand is why it’s reguarded as some crackpot conspiricy theory by some. Historical novels, Encyclopedia britannica, to name but a few all make mention of the existence of  Tartary. Even better, It’s on historical maps! It has nothing to do with aliens or other bizzare ideas. It was just an empire. Thanks for reading.

Tartary In the 1700’s (500 years after marco polo’s adventure)

2 thoughts on “Have you Heard of Tartaria?

  1. Oh just an empire, the greatest empire to have ever existed that for some reason we aren’t told about in school. How did it come to be? When? How did it fall ? When? Why? Their culture? Beliefs? Nope. Nothing. Seems pretty weird ,don’t you think?

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    1. I wouldn’t say the greatest ever, but certainly the greatest in recent history.

      Isn’t it obvious?
      If we knew where we came from and what was possible we would reject the world they have created for us.
      It’s strange because they did such a shoddy job of hiding it.

      Tartaria fell to war and fire. The American civil war and the war of independence was fought between the new European powers and the old Tartaria.
      They spread the events out and give them different names but it’s all ultimately the same thing.
      But it’s definitely pretty wierd.


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