Have you Heard of Tartaria?

Hey, I don’t know what kind of circles you frequent, But I’ve been seeing the name mentioned on the net quite a bit online lately. If you arn’t into history, Maybe you don’t care. Otherwise, Read on! I think it’s cool that people question what they’ve been told. Trouble is, It seems like Tartary has become yet another buzzword to throw around (like atlantis for example). Hint- It has nothing to do with aliens or other species!

I’ve been reading the travels of Marco Polo the venetian, and Guess what I found while reading it? Tartary! That and places I’ve never heard of, complete with footnotes in french. So far they’ve traveled to visit the Grand khan in china and get sent on a mission to see the pope in rome and get some holy water and bring some christian priests back to spread the word of god in tartaria.

Notice How everything is names as a Province? Even persia.

Persia, Armenea, China at that time they are all provinces of Tartaria, not empires in and of themselves. China split off later, And from reading it, It sounds like “Rome” Has a similar setup of a grand king/ruler” and a whole bunch of domionions under it. The most interesting thing is that you can’t find the roman empire on any map of the era, But italia is listed instead.

Tartary was an empire quite a bit like like the soviet union. IT also sounds like The Khans were not savages who conquered everywhere, and genghis khan wasn’t a monster. But hey, What would marco polo know? Probably a bit more than the average youtuber. 🙂 It’s a rather long read, I have to warn you. Anyway, Thanks for reading.

Tartary In the 1700’s (500 years after marco polo’s adventure)

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