Is Pure water safe to drink?

Nobody likes tap water.It tastes terrible and often contains chlorine, fluoride, among other thing depending on where you live. It’s no wonder most of us hate drinking it!

When learned about this and water fluoridation, I started buying reverse osmosis water, despite it being inconvenient.

After all, toxic chemicals shouldn’t be in our drinking water. But does that make pure water healthy to consume?

While it might be free from toxins, It’s also devoid of minerals. In a word, dead water. Not only that, but the filtration process is harsh and and changes the properties of the water, much like whipping cream or beating an egg. In this reguard distilled water is better, but is still devoid of minerals.

Mind you, both are great for cleaning! Water is a near universal solvent.

Pure water will flush minerals out of your system and simply isn’t safe for human consumption. If you are interested, here is a paper on the subject: Health risks from drinking demineralized water.

I also tried drinking alkaline water for a year and it made me rather sick. To be honest, I think filtered rainwater might just be the best kind of water to drink.

Be well.

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