The limitations of Ayurveda

There are times when we have a tendency to idealise the past, and assume that any kind of ancient wisdom is right and superior. But just like bloodletting, sometimes our ancestors didn’t have it all figured out. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful system and there are many benefits to applying parts of it.

That’s being said, It’s quite clearly the product of an agricultural society that has on some level lost it’s connection with nature and one’s inner wisdom.

I won’t deny that when I read about the 3 guanas or tridoshas I was shocked. There it was, my personal tastes on paper. But none of this information is exclusive to Vedic literature. All of these ideas can be found in ancient Greece and Egypt, in the forms of humors and the like.

Not only that, but the information doesn’t necessarily translate well to the modern world. For example, It’s a huge advocate of Dairy products, but the trouble is the dairy of yesteryear was a world apart from today’s fare. Most us don’t have access to fresh milk, and most it comes from inferior breeds that produce a1 milk.

The same goes for wheat and other grains. legumes, and most varieties of fruit. Since those simpler times, We’ve been quite busy breeding and crossbreeding everything under the sun. Carrots didn’t exist 2000 years ago- especially not the orange ones.

Ultimately, we can’t live like our ancestors. That world is gone. We can take the good bits, and create something new.


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