Are Smoothies Any good?

Have you got your blenders ready? Time to make a green smoothie! Or is it? Some people suggest drinking nothing but Fruit juice or green smoothies in order to detoxify the body. I was pretty sick not too long ago, and I recall many of the suggestions people had involved juicing or making smoothies, to even becoming a fructarian! Needless to say, It didn’t exactly pan out wonderfully.

I can remember the first time I tried making a green smoothie. For all my efforts, I only got a sore throat in return.

In any case, I’ve since realized that raw vegetables are quite taxing on your system- even more so when you grind them up and eat them all at once! All those oxilates… *shudder* my poor thyroid… Did you know that in old cooking books they say to boil kale for 10 minutes in salted water, then drain and rinse? This is why I love reading old cookbooks. They call raw vegetables roughage.

Okay, It really loves boiling salted water.

It’s a good idea to cook your vegies before you puree them, which ends up making… Soup! Nothing wrong with that? Make a nice batch, heat a mug in the morning and off

images (16)1649986898..jpg

we go. Fruit is probably okay.

What about water/juice fasting? Well, provided you know what you are doing it can work athough it has its drawbacks. It, along with other forms of fasting have the potential to create metabolic problems. I learned this the hard way. Most of the time a complete fast is pointless. A far better idea is to eliminate any “heavy” or process food. along with Grains, Meat, Dairy, Sugar, Nightshades, for a few days. A wonderful alternative is having simple meals like porridge, soup or broth.

Another good thing to drink warm boiled (not Boiling!) water. Not in obnoxious quantities, just whenever you are thirsty. After all, don’t we always use warm water when washing, be it dishes or clothes? Add a little lemon, some spices if you like.

Oil Pulling and Massage are also great detoxification methods. Just remember not to swallow any of the oil, you don’t really need to do anything with it.

Be well.


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