Is Reiki what it claims to be?

A Few years ago, I can recall hearing the term mentioned in passing. An alternate method of healing, using energy! I had to find out more.

So I looked online for masters in the area, and contacted one. And pretty soon, I was on their table, having the most incredible experience! I could physically feel the energy as they ran their hands over me. For me, it solidified my belief in a supernatural world. The atheist in me died that day.

I felt so calm afterwards, like I had been reborn. Despite that, The next day I was pretty agitated. simple things like my computer were making me sick. In fact, I was initiated in reiki one only a few weeks later. I was really good at it too.

I don’t know quite how else to put it, but reiki made an addict of me. Had too much to eat? Upset? Joint pain? I turned to Reiki. It became an obsession of mine. Still, I felt oddly drained afterwards. I thought I was channeling universal energy, yet I felt like the life had been sucked out of me.

The worst was when I spent several hours on myself. It worked but something Just… broke.

I never really questioned this till recently, but I suddenly realised reiki actually involves forming bonds and dealing with japanese spirits.

I hate to say this, but every reiki master I’ve run across has health problems. My master after doing a marathon of healing needed to spend a week resting on the couch. Another had joint pain and hip problems. So did the next one.

I personally suffered chronic fatigue and mental issues. It’s dead simple. You become a battery for these spirits in exchange for the power. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

When you draw the symbols, you invoke the spirit. Even looking at the symbols can be risky.

So what now? Don’t worry! You don’t need an attunement to heal! Do you really think divine energy comes through symbols and attunements? We are divine, the godspark lives within each and every one of us, as Microcosms of the infinite.

Some people are just born with the gift. The term for this is Pranic Healing. Forget the new-age chakra diagrams for a bit. Ultimately, it’s about ensuring proper energy flow, removing excess energy, congested energy, among other things. When things flow balance will find itself..

Before I go, here is a most excellent paper on the subject, without infuriating religous dogma. If you the link isn’t working, try googling it instead.

Reiki or spiritual deceit?

Be well.


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