Should we worry about antinutrients?

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At the minute, Avoiding anti nutrients is all the rage. It’s true that plants would prefer not be eaten, but should that stop us? Some People upon learning this start making drastic changes to their diet. I did it once. I cut out almost everything from my diet- nuts, seeds, dairy, grains- Beans Too! I practically lived on vegetables and eggs. Don’t get me wrong- it worked. At least for a while. I felt great with flawless Skin and rosy cheeks. The trouble was, I discovered that after a while I couldn’t tolerate anything else! A dob of butter would make my nose run. A tiny bit of tahini would knock me around. I’d become weak from avoiding everything.

The other problem is that as I just mentioned, is that all plants contain some form of irritants- even the beloved advocado. It, like honey, is high in histamines. I can feel it- a kind of pressure behind the eyes after consuming certain foods. I’m fairly certain it means the immune system has been activated. Even Chocolate is high in oxilates along with sweet potatoes and spinach. Brocoli and kale? Thyroid disrupting goitrigens. You can’t avoid plant toxins- it’s impossible!

Hey, Have you ever met someone who grew up in a house that uses disinfectant all the time? They tend to get sick far more often than most people. We have to put stress on our bodies in order to remain healthy.

It’s more important to consider wether humans are actually equipped to deal with these substances or not. Take nightshades as an example: they are practically harmless to other animals, but toxic to humans. Mice can break down grains just fine- but humans can’t.

It’s the dose that makes the poision. With many of the so called poisonous foods it’s important to eat them in moderation, as to not exceed our ability to tolerate these compounds. The polar explorers who were forced to eat nothing but dog livers nearly died from vitamin A poisioning. That doesn’t make vitamin A bad now, does it?

What I find rather interesting is that many of these compounds have benifical effects in reasonable amounts. Phyctate for example, (in legumes and grains) can actually aid in detoxification and prevent excess by binding to heavy metals in the body. Eating more plants seems to aid in longevity. Besides, animal products have problems of their own. More to the point, trying to keep track of everything is just exhausting! Don’t buy into the fearmongering.

After all, it’s the dose makes the poision.

Be well.


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