What’s the best way to Detox?

Everywhere you look, someone is promoting their personal version of a detox diet. If we’d just follow this plan, we’ll finally be able to be perfectly healthy. Yet nobody seems to agree on how to go about doing this? Some people suggest drinking nothing but water, or to start juicing and gulping down green smoothies like it’s going out of fashion. Others say you should get in touch with your inner carnivore. Perhaps go nuts and eat nothing but rice for a week?

It’s easy to feel confused. The wellness community has really drummed up the benefits of autophagy and fasting. And don’t get me wrong, they really are amazing. But here’s the thing: we don’t actually need to starve ourselves in order to enter the regenerative state of autophagy. In fact, if you don’t eat after 5o’clock you should be fasting all night while you sleep! Why do you think we called it break-fasting? We shortened it, just like we did with luncheon.

Detoxification isn’t about starving yourself. It never has been. Our kidneys and liver are what does the brunt of the work, and starving your body of nutrients is not going to help them do their jobs. We want to give our bodies a rest so they are free to clean house. Eating light, easy to digest meals would be a really wonderful way of doing it. Something like a bit of protein and some steamed vegies, or a nice bowl of stewed fruit. Eggs are nice, too. Boring? of course! But that’s why it works.

But sage, I already eat healthy! Ah, Alright. In order to truly detoxify we need to get the lymphatic system moving. Do some stretches, get moving in the morning! Start massaging yourself after you wake up, especially your shoulder blades and along your spine. (on each side with your thumbs, not the spine itself.)

Along with doing that, taking a tea spoonful of Ghee in the morning helps to dislodge deep seated toxins (as they are fat soluble). Mind you, there are people who suggest bentonite clay, but it binds to anything positively charged, be it good or bad. I wouldn’t recomend it.

What about drinking smoothies? It doesn’t really help dislodge anything, and will actually increase the stress on your body. the act of chewing is really important, and inhaling all that food at once sends the body into shock. Not only that, but they are usually loaded with Oxilates. Vegetable juice is much the same, I’d suggest cooking soup instead. Raw food is not your friend while detoxing.

Detoxification is a gentle process, and can be done by anyone. Maybe go easy on the spices though?

Be well.


2 thoughts on “What’s the best way to Detox?

    1. Hmmm.. That’s a tricky one! Maybe dried pears? Yum.
      By the way, most of what I wrote is based on auyrvedic medicine. 🙂 it’s such an interesting practice.

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