Low Carb or low Glycemic Index?

It’s becoming quite trendy to declare carbs the enemy. Gone are the days of pasta and spaghetti. Everywhere you look someone is turning zikini into noodles, or making cauliflower rice. And it’s easy to understand why. We’re all tired of blood sugar spikes and every other carb induced ailment under the sun. So many of us gave up sugar and starch. And we feel much better for it.

As nice as it sounds, we can’t replace all of our calories with fat. I tried it once. I realised we need carbohydrates. And if we don’t get enough, we only forcing our body to convert protein into glucose.

One of my main issues with the keto diet is that it sets a blanket carb limit without considering the glycemic index at all. It’s fast burning carbs like flour or rice we should be worrying about- not eating too many almonds or quinoa. We need to worry about our glycemic load, not the net carbohydrates we consume. We want stable glucose levels. There is need to be afraid of potatoes. I’d still say no to mangoes though.

Be well.