Is Raw food Healthier?

Generally speaking, we cook most of what we eat. While this is mostly benificial, it has its drawbacks. So it begs the question: is raw food better for us?

Fruit especially, is something that wants to be eaten. And not all fruit is sweet. Historically speaking, even nuts like almonds were considered a ‘fruit’. More to the point, nobody ever said you had to be a vegan to eat raw food!

Have you ever seen that scene in the first Rocky movie where he eats raw eggs for breakfast? Yeah. It’s a bit odd. Yet I’ve always liked my eggs soft, sunny side up. And When I cook them fully they go all rubbery and terrible! Maybe Rocky is onto something?After all, food is degraded by the process of heating. We lose a fair few nutrients from the process. Not only that, but things like antioxidants and polyphenols dissapear as well. One of the many benifits raw foodists claim is increased immunity. Even stranger, are the raw meat dishes in many cultures- things like steak tartaire, or sushi.

Personally, the idea grosses me out. Is it even safe? Still, why do we automatically assume cooking something is the best way to prepare it? Perhaps soaking or sprouting or would be better in many instances. After all, the fat in nuts and seeds are damaged by high heat. Even grinding or blending something is a valid preparation method- It increases the avaliability of nutrients, just like cooking does. In fact, it would seem that vinegar and lemon juice. can be used to help break down raw food.

In all honesty, there doesn’t seem to be a great deal you can’t eat raw. And besides! Why not have the best of both worlds? While Cooking destroys nutrients it also makes others easier to access.

In the end, I think what truly matters is ensuring things are healthy and nutritous, reguardless of their preparation method. Still, a bit of raw food couldn’t hurt. And in all honesty, if we can’t eat it raw, should we be eating it at all?

Be well.

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