Is Fruit really so Terrible?

If you asked some people, they’d say that we should avoid fruit entirely. And the way they acted about it, you’d think it was poision. What interests me the most however, is the way many of the same people are quite happy to eat huge amounts of fat in the form of “fat bombs” like coconut cream curry, bulletproof coffee, fry everything in coconut oil, and eat bacon and eggs every morning. But suggest to them that they eat some fruit, and they’ll act like it’s poision. Fructose? No way! And honestly? Until a little while ago, I wholeheartedly agreed with them.

That was until I started reading a few studies. Not only did the “pure” paleo diet (no grains, pulses, and dairy) have negative outcomes, the keto diet was even worse. And to make matters worse, Fat, not sugar seems to be responsible for the development of type 2 diabetes. How can that be so, you ask?

Well, you know how fat coats things with a layer of grease. It can act as waterproofing, or prevent something from sticking. So say your arteries have a lining of fat in them. And then you eat something sweet or starchy, and instead of going where it needs to go, it gets stuck in the bloodstream.

And bam! You start getting getting high blood sugar. And yes! A high sugar diet is still a bad idea. But the amount that occurs in nature shouldn’t be something to worry about, Especially when its still wrapped up in fiber.

It appears to me that a high fat diet makes consuming sugar practically impossible. So if you’ve been doing keto for a while, avoid it like the plague! Ironically, fat also needs to be part of a whole food in order to negate it’s more negative effects. Just like sugar, oily and fried foods can have all sorts of negative effects on our health.

Despite that, adding fat to a meal makes more of the nutrients available to us! But you’ll get the same benifits from eating any kind of fatty food, rather than something like oily like butter.

Also, keep in mind that frying or baking anything causes simple sugars to be created. Have you ever bothered to check how much sugar is in a sweet potato?

So why not have a bit of fruit every now and then? It will do a world of good.

Be well.