Sour Cream- Better than Butter?

Are you a butter believer? Do you think margarine is unhealthy? Well, great! Welcome to the club. But as great as butter is, can we do even better? It is after all, a highly refined substance. Add that to the tendency it has to make my nose run, and I’d honestly say I prefer cream to butter. I could say the same thing about Ghee, in all honesty.

Do you know why we invented ghee primarily? To keep butter from spoiling in the tropics. It’s a solid, shelf stable oil. Butter would melt, while Ghee stays pure. But the refining process has its drawbacks. We lose all of the milk fat, and any moisture contained in the cream. This also means losing water soluble vitamins. And the best part about cream- is that it has intact ‘milk fat membranes’, changing the way that it behaves in the body. It doesn’t raise ldl cholesterol like butter will, among other things.

And personally, I think the creamy taste just can’t be beat? Butter? Na. Sour cream all the way. slather it on some coleslaw or a baked potato, and prepare to be amazed. I mean you could use butter, but it just isn’t quite the same. What you favourite condiment? Feel free to let me know.

Be well.


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