The Viability of Veganism

A plant based diet is something that is becoming more and more popular of late, for various reasons. Be it ethical concerns or simply because people want to be healthier, People are giving up meat, eggs and dairy in droves. And personally, I applaud them for making the effort. And for the most part, plants can fulfil our nutritional needs. Personally, I’m known to have some cream or butter 🧈 on occasion. And eg-g-gssss 🥚 😂 I’m a vegan. Totally.😁

I’ll be honest: Red meat is unhealthy! And so is most dairy. And Gluten? It sucks, too! I do like cream though! 😎 So, what kind of vegan diets work and which ones don’t? Well, there are a few basic options:

  • Raw Vegan/Fructarian-lots of sugar and carbs!
  • “Junk Food” Vegan (fake meat, cheese, etc)
  • Low Carb Vegan-Tofu, nuts and salad- oh my!
  • Whole food vegan (No Oils, Salt, Sugar, etc)
  • The Broke-ass Vegan- Beans and rice, every night!
  • Everyone else? Suggestions, people!

I hate to say this, but just because something is highly processed don’t always mean it is bad. I mean, butter and protein powder are both guilty of this, yet they have their benefits. Why Is it okay to isolate the fat from milk but not to do the same with the protein from peas? So maybe the highly processed vegan food has its place. Sometimes.

It’s sooo expensive though! I’ll be honest: I don’t really get why people don’t make a lentil burger or blend some cashews into ‘cream cheese’? It’s SO good! In any case, I do think they can be healthy. Right! So what about raw veganism? Well, It’s more about HOW you cook things Steaming, baking or slow cooking are all really gentle ways of cooking something. No frying!

and I would honestly suggest that you give up oils and sugar. Fruit is great in the mornings. Another thing to keep in mind is that nuts and seeds are practically indigestible for most people- don’t overeat them! But do Make sure you get enough protein. Beans (or roasted nuts) are usually your best option. Have a bit of cream if you are not a strict vegan. Yes… Vitamin A, E, D and K are important. (Fat soluble vitamins)

One thing you’ll have to learn is that you need to eat more food to feel full. A banana alone is not a meal. But it’s up to you. This is just my personal experience. I think being a vegan is actually fairly viable, as long as you supplement with some cream or eggs.

Which makes you a vegetarian. 😁 Seriously though, stay away from the cheese. You don’t need it, and cheese has side effects. Anyway, that’s my advice to you as a former vegan turned vegetarian. Have a good one, folks.🙏🏻

How I Upgraded my raw Vegan Diet.


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