Exploring the raw vegan diet

Did you know that raw vegans don’t seem to age like everyone else? I was intrigued. So, Have you ever wondered what it would be like? After all, it’s not like you ever catch monkeys toasting their bananas in the morning sun. I suppose they don’t make banana smoothies either, but that’s not the point! My point is that humans are the only ones silly enough to mess around with fire.🔥😛

Anyway, I have been reading some interesting stuff about raw vegan diets. First of all, it seems to pretty much halt the ageing process. Raw foodists don’t have their hair turn grey, and they stay wrinkle free. They also experience the wierd phenomenon of having their eyes change their pigmentation. From what I can gather, this is simply a result of detoxification. (Sulphur buildup in the eyes, perhaps?) Iridology is an interesting field of study. Sulfur is usually found in animal products. And seeing as Babies are usually born with blue eyes, it doesn’t really seem that surprising.

It does raise the question though: does one actually have to be raw to do this or can you get the same benefits from avoiding grains, meat, dairy, and every other nasty thing imaginable? Could we live for hundreds of years this way? I’m not really sure. My suspicion is that you don’t actually have to be raw at all to do this. Steamed vegies ftw!

I also seem to be developing green pigmentations in the iris.(see above) these are about 2 months apart.

To be honest the main thing seems to be the low fat, high carb mentality that avoids salt, oils, and processed food. And fruit! Fruit is important. I’ve also been having raw buckwheat and chia seeds. also- Stewed fruit and cream! It’s so tasty. Still not used to salads though.

Got my protein sorted! 🙃

What fascinates me is that a few months ago I could never have even considered doing this sort of thing. It turns out nuts and seeds are surprisingly filling. Not quite there yet, but making good progress. So flexible! So much energy! I can do yoga poses that used to seem impossible. I’ll keep you all posted. Sage out.🙏🏻

Ps: it’s Surprisingly good for spiritual growth.


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