Considering your Constitution

Have you ever wondered why What works for one person doesn’t seem to work for everyone? I certainly have. Why is it that some of us can handle dairy just fine, yet others can’t even touch the stuff? That some people can handle raw food but others can’t? I’ll be honest, it has been on my mind lately. I ran a little experiment with raw food for the last few months, and I discovered one rather simple thing: my body doesn’t handle raw food very well. Why is that? I guess it’s because I have a delicate system- what Ayurveda calls Vata- The Element of Air and Space. Raw food is cold, rough, and dry- which aggravates Vata. To be perfectly blunt- Vata loves anything warm, soft, and oily. Yes! Mashed sweet potatoes and butter… Lentils and rice… Creamy porridge. Stewed Fruit. A Gently poached egg… However, someone with a much hardier constitution would probably handle raw food just fine. It’s something I’ve realized lately. For example, I’ve had a go at people for drinking green smoothies but they honestly might work really well for some people. So, Have you ever given it much thought? What kind of diet is ideally suited for your unique blend of genetics and ancestry?

Someone from closer to the equator is likely more adapted to a diet rich in fruit and carbohydrates, while someone from a colder climate will likely need more fat and protein to fulfill their energy requirements. I think the biggest mistake most of us make is assuming that we are all the same. Some people thrive on nothing but plants- others seem to need some degree of animal products in their diet. Ayurveda lists 3 main constitutional types that translate to: Air (Vata), Fire (Pitta), And Earth (Kapha). Ironically, these directly line up with the 3 Somatotypes we have in modern times Anyway, I hope you found this interesting. Be well.


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