Have you healed your gut?

Hey, you! Have you gone and cut out all the junk food and empty carbs, started snacking on raw nuts and gotten rid of the nasty thing known as sugar? Great! So do you still have bags under your eyes and you still don’t you feel as amazing as you thought you would?

Well, have you considered that your body is having trouble breaking down the more complex substances in real foods like beans or nuts and and seeds after a lifetime of getting used to white bread and other highly processed substances. I guess what bothers me is that people like to harp on about protein and nutrient density of things like sesame seeds or something but never really consider if you actually break them down properly.

the other hand, if you have a piece of fruit you will absorb just about everything in it in short order. In addition to that, it also contains pectin which helps to soothe your tummy and aid in healing any damage that might have been caused by roughage or an allergen.

Nasty little buggers! 😠

The opposite is true if you decided to make a chia pudding for yourself. How many of those seeds are going to get stuck on your insides and cause problems? I know they stick to everything else. 😠😞 So, with that in mind I would like you to consider which dishes are hard to clean and what sticks and what doesn’t- and realise that this is what happening to you on the inside as well.

Do you want such a mess inside of you? It’s going to make it hard to become truly healthy.

So I guess I have a saying about it. It’s not what you eat, but what you absorb. I’ll be honest: I can’t digest things like quinoa or nuts and god only knows how many things. But It doesn’t really bother me.

I guess the thing is that in order to make the transition to being truly healthy you need to go through a period where you eliminate anything that could upset your tummy. Don’t be sad! There are so many things that you can still enjoy.

I love my pears 🍐 and steaming my veggies🥦 🥕and I will part with my mashed potatoes 🍠when I die. Oh! And avocado. E-Verybody L-loves A-Avocado… 🥑 😁 suppose a bit of fish never hurt anyone either. Unless they were Veeeegan. I wouldn’t do that. Never. 🤔🤭😂🤫

Anyway, hope you found this helpful. Much and the best of luck to you. Sage out.


2 thoughts on “Have you healed your gut?

    1. Why, thank you.
      If only I didn’t write it out of my own fragility. 😞 Oh! Ground up brown rice (in a blender to make porridge with lentils is also amazing.)


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