Gender norms, society, and the pressure to conform.

I suppose I should be honest. I’m a non binary trans person. There was a time when I wanted to be a woman, but I eventually realised that it wasn’t really worth it. Does anyone really want periods? I wouldn’t think so. Initially I rejected masculinity, but I eventually came back for it because I felt lost without it. I saw some of my incarnations, as both men as women, and in times distant passed: a combination of both…

This image really resonates with me…

Have you ever thought about it? The idea that we are more than our bodies? That our genitals and identities are seperate? I have gotten awfully tired of women’s yoga groups and the awful domestic violence narrative that paints men as perpetrators and women as victims. The narrative of personhood as being tied to gender.

I guess I am a very old soul. My time here is nearly over. Without sounding pretentious, I am approaching the unity of opposites. My soul has been stripped me of everything that ties me to this world. I see the cracks in the world. The forgotten and the downtrodden.

I watch it in all it’s absurdity- the forgotten books, the empty shelves. The plots that could have become gardens. The baths and all their salts and incense that never get run- all because nobody has the time. There is a narrative about the unemployed. The lazy I’d like to tell another. The way anyone who isn’t able of body or mind that are trampled on and ignored In the quest for the almighty dollar.

I see the massive steaks that sizzle every night and the glass of wine that often accompanies it. The acceptability of meat as a product and a commodity. The pets that get neglected because nobody is ever home and develop mental health issues and even eating disorders from extended captivity. They will lick their fur bare.

They will eat till they throw up because they’re not sure when they’re going to get their next meal. People laugh at them and marvel at their “stupidity“. Such is the marvels of the nine to five working day. Coming home to pour yourself a glass of wine and to tune out to the world. Truly, something to aspire to. So maybe bring unemployed isn’t the worst thing in the world. How many dollars you make per hour shouldn’t dictate your worth as a human being.

How many of us can look past what’s on the surface? How many of these “useless” people need help? Why are they doing drugs? Why are they so messed up? Did Anyone ever care to ask why? Does becoming violent or aggressive make someone a bad person? Or is it simply being raised in a society with toxic ideas of masculinity that shames boys for being feminine and open? What other outlets do they have for their feelings? Men drink because they have no socially acceptable outlet for their emotions. Aggression is a substitute for tears… And testosterone genuinely changes the way you think.

There are women who can’t speak up and suppress their anger and can’t handle any sort of confrontation. We have bred a society of collectively traumatized people. So if anyone was wondering why relaxing gender roles important this is why. We can’t keep believing the childish belief that some people are good and bad. The only truth is that some souls are young, fickle, and stupid. Instead of hating them, we should try and show them a better way.

Androgyny isn’t some horrible new world order agenda to destroy the family. And which family? The 1950’s nuclear one? The one that is unfairly skewed and sexist? The world that denies boys colour and girls life? I don’t want to live in that world anymore. Would anyone like to join me?


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