A Rather Simple Guide to being non binary (In the Real World!)

Are you feeling stifled by the strict and rigid role that you find yourself in? That’s no good. Welcome to my quick and easy guide on breaking the Gender Binary. Afraid that you’re going to be discriminated against? Good! You should be. People are total jerks about it. Almost pathological, I dare say. How do you get around it? Well, Here’s what I’ve picked up from my travels.

Avoid Gendered colours and cuts. Polo tops read masculine, say. White and monotone stripes are a good staple. Don’t become obsessed with avoiding wearing men’s clothes. It’s not that black and white.

  • Cardigans
  • Unisex Jackets
  • Striped T-shirts
  • Oversized “Women’s” tops or boyfriend cuts can be a great way of finding more options to choose from
  • Hoodies! They’re a godsend to anyone who doesn’t want to perform a gender. Just pop it on and disappear.
  • Unisex Prints! Who wants a cool dragon t-shirt? I do.
  • Wide leg or Baggy Pants
  • “Neutral Colours” Like White Or Navy, It’s better to avoid “Gendered” Colours Like Purple or Pink.
  • Male is Default. I don’t care how mad it makes you it’s still going to be a thing.
  • “Unisex” is just Male is Default piece of nonsense.. I don’t care how mad it makes you it’s still going to be a thing.

I initially thought I was going to avoid the men’s section entirely, But I’m starting to wonder if that was the right idea or not. You see, It turns out that there is actually quite a bit more freedom to express yourself as a assigned male at birth person than I initially thought. Yes, this guide is biased and If you’re AFAB you’re probably going to get annoyed with me. Spoilers: Heaps of people have already done that and nobody has done this so I wouldn’t feel too hard done by. So! Check this out:

I don’t know if you’ve seen most of this stuff before, most of it is Asian. I’ll freely admit I have a bit of a thing for oriental style.

I guess to be honest I’ve never really gone looking for feminine menswear before. I’ve tried to be androgynous by solely wearing stuff from the women’s section. I think the first thing you need to do is deconstruct the idea of being “non-binary”. It’s a rather meaningless term in the sense that most people use it.

I guess it’s supposed to mean breaking away from being the most straight-laced masculine or feminine stereotype that exists. To be nonbinary means rejecting the unashamedly stereotyped expressions of gender that we’ve all come to know. A masculine woman. A feminine man. that’s all it really means. Breaking free of a straightjacket used to try and define us.

FYI, Hormone therapy can be used at low doses if you want partial masculinisation or feminization. It’s entirely up to you, really.


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