“Awakened” People/New-Agers/or “Lightworkers”, Read This.

Hi there! how are you? Well, If you are one of the awakened/”New Age” People, Come on in! Also, I hope you didn’t end up being one of Those kinds of Spiritual people. you know, the ones who when you swear or something, say: that wasn’t very enlightened of you. Actually, I found a really good post on it.

Have a look: http://sorendreier.com/ewww-thats-just-so-low-frequency/

If you are one of those people, hopefully I can get you to “come off it” as they say. That would be good. Anyway, Let me explain something. So you felt something was terribly wrong with the world, Right? Then you stumbled across a monolithic Conspiracy to hide the real world from you.

You (hopefully) know what I’m talking about. So you go down that rabbit hole, Getting excited. Eventually Finding your way to spirituality. But is it real? The entire new-age “movement” is a Sham. Full of duplicity and False Truths. (like saying everything that drinks water will die, is a good example of a half-truth)

Let me explain what I mean by false truths. They are not lies, but rather the truth is told in a way that twists the meaning. I got sucked into it as well, albeit very briefly. If you want to learn, go to the source. Or even better, Go within. http://sorendreier.com/the-secret-behind-the-secret/

Let’s use the Law of attraction and all that manifestation as an example, shall we? You supposedly can use it to “Manifest Abundance” and all of that.

What they don’t mention as another sneaky law, the law of inverse desire. or something like that. The more you want something, the less likely the universe will give it to you. or something like that. I don’t concern myself with such things.

The Whole thing is essentially another matrix specially constructed for the “Awakened people” To a person who is awake, the notion of being “awake” is absurd. Even Funny. Chew on that contradiction for a minute? too hard? maybe you’re not cut out for understanding. To hold 4 or 5 contradictory notions at once, and try to figure something out.

Anyway, Here are some of my favourites: “That seems very ego based” “That wasn’t Very enlightened of you” “You’re trying to lower my vibration” And the best one: “I Have gotten rid of MY ego.”

That one makes me chuckle so hard. I don’t blame you if you didn’t realise the contradiction. I used to say things like: “I am trying to get rid of my ego”.

But I know better now. And I Probably should let you figure these things out on your own, but perhaps those who find their way here were always meant to be.

Also, are you even familiar with what an “archon” is? or maybe you haven’t really looked very deeply into this. Well, that’s for you to answer, not me. Good luck. I’m just here to gently give people a nudge.


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