Do we really “know” anything? (Warning, Heavy!)

Before I start, If you think the idea that the “Illuminati” existing is silly or absurd, you probably should give this a miss. So without further ado, let’s begin. That might sound silly to add, but it really isn’t. so, let me give you some historical context. the current religion of our time, is science. … More Do we really “know” anything? (Warning, Heavy!)

“Indigos”, Old souls, and the “New-Age” movement.

So whatever could I be talking about? Well, are you familiar with the “new-age” movement? Unless you live under a rock (like me), you probably do. So anyway, I’m going to have a go at people again. Not to Attack their “Beliefs”, as some might accuse, because none of it is false per se, but … More “Indigos”, Old souls, and the “New-Age” movement.