When did the’Flower of Life’enter modern consciousness?

Ever heard of something called the “flower of life”? It’s a new age thing, I suppose. But It’s also found all over the world at various places.  I’ve discussed it in the past, although in a rather childish manner. But that doesn’t matter now. I only bring this up again because I’m noticing that most … More When did the’Flower of Life’enter modern consciousness?

What’s Gender Fluidity all about?

You know, This is one of those topics that isn’t on most peoples radar.  (forewarning I’m going to callously talk about things considered taboo) Sure, You have the rainbows and the cringeworthy prose, But what does it all mean?  “love has no gender” “There’s So many genders” “Oh, Gender’s Fluid” It’s empty, devoid of meaning. … More What’s Gender Fluidity all about?

Channeling, Part 2.

This is a continuation of my last post. I said I would make a part 2 after I had gotten back in touch with spirit, seeing as I completely forgot to mention certain things. also, because I want to vent my frustration in a way that. So, ever heard of the Kyron channelings? Or the … More Channeling, Part 2.