Which way is Divinity?

In the Past, people didn’t have the unfortunate problem we are faced with in the 21st  century. when asked things like: where is god? people just pointed up (because the earth was still considered a disc). But now? with this vast universe people believe in now, people don’t really know what to say. “oh, it’s everywhere/somewhere” … More Which way is Divinity?

What’s Up with Science these days?

Well, Being someone who can look at things from an outsider’s perspective, I have noticed many things about the Mainstream Scientific Institutions that people, for some reason essentially worship. Have you noticed that science has essentially stagnated? (obsessed with theoretical mathematics that lead nowhere and have no real practical use) Well that’s Mainstream (in the … More What’s Up with Science these days?

Is Science rapidly becoming just another religion?

(Please note that I have no religious Affiliations before reading!) Morning Everyone, How’s it going? enjoying your ride on this big ball or rock? . Do want to hear a funny story? About the Time Copernicus Was alive. The things people said about the heliocentric model are positively hilarious! But hey, it you want an atmosphere … More Is Science rapidly becoming just another religion?

Do we really “know” anything? (Warning, Heavy!)

Before I start, If you think the idea that the “Illuminati” existing is silly or absurd, you probably should give this a miss. So without further ado, let’s begin. That might sound silly to add, but it really isn’t. so, let me give you some historical context. the current religion of our time, is science. … More Do we really “know” anything? (Warning, Heavy!)