Channeling, Part 2.

This is a continuation of my last post. I said I would make a part 2 after I had gotten back in touch with spirit, seeing as I completely forgot to mention certain things. also, because I want to vent my frustration in a way that. So, ever heard of the Kyron channelings? Or the … More Channeling, Part 2.

My Journey, Part 2.

It would be better to read my previous post before this to get some context. Here. Certain things are happening in my life that seriously tempt me to just walk out to some nice deserted place and not come home until sunrise. After all, why does it really matter? Why am I so afraid? And … More My Journey, Part 2.

Do you feel like your Spiritual Journey is finished?

Well, you’re wrong! Ding! I’m very, very guilty of doing it again and again. Oh, sorry. I couldn’t resist. my personality has swung round to girl again, bear with it. I do that. I believe the label for it would be “Genderfluid (that’s what my Logo¬†represents, silly! :D)” gosh, how cringe-worthy! who comes up with … More Do you feel like your Spiritual Journey is finished?