Coconut Oil: not the superfood it’s made out to be?

Coconut oil has become the go to oil of late. It has those magical medium chain tryglicerides, along with a high smoke point, and no trans or hydrogenated fats. Sounds pretty good, right?

I suppose it won’t kill you, but have you ever noticed it’s the fat equivalent of white sugar? It has no nutritional value save vitamin E, and it bypasses normal digestion like fructose does, and is high in saturated fat!Whenever anything is isolated from vitamins and minerals it becomes dangerous in my eyes.

While it’s true that saturated fats can be healthy, other sources are more balanced in their composition and retain some trace minerals.
Butter, Ghee, beef tallow and lard are far better for you and to be honest? Beef tallow tastes like gravy! Yum.
Just make sure to buy in bulk.
Be well.