“Indigos”, Old souls and the new age movement

So whatever could I be talking about? Well, are you familiar with the “new-age” movement? Unless you live under a rock (like me), you probably are.

Before I begin,I’m not writing this to attack anyones “Beliefs” because none of it is false per se, but rather twisted. Contradictory, even. Like the fact that in the “Kyron” channellings. (which are pretty good, mind you. good enough to end up going to the United nations to speak. now that’s pretty good.)

they make it very clear that it is not a religion, or a belief system, but rather a sort of revival of spirituality. Well, that is the idea. The reality is a bit different.

To give an example, new age promotes the idea is that we are all one, and yet they inisist on putting people into categories. E.g Starseeds, Indigo, Light-workers, Old-Souls, “Sheeple” and awakened people, to mention a few.

Most People in the movement try and raise their vibrations, and want positivity and unity. But what I feel most don’t realise is that unitity is contained within polarity. Have a look at this image:

So, as you can see, it’s Polarised. But look closer. one is poisoned and polluted, a sad looking face. But the other? Well, It’s Colourful and Natural, Right? the way everything is supposed to be? Wrong. Look Closer. The Woman is wearing make-up, the whole thing looks rather sickly and artificial. You can’t quite put your finger on why though.
So what am I even trying to say? Well, you can’t separate the extremes like that. and people often confuse positivity with unity. It’s not the same thing.
What I was going to say was that many people end up completely missing the point of spirituality and concepts like letting go of the ego. You get people (like myself) saying things like: I am trying to get rid of my ego.
See the problem? the word ego comes from the Greek word εγώ, or egó̱, Which literally means I. or the self.
Sure, you can detach from the ego, and become an observer of it, but rid yourself of it? no! and even if you could, why would you want to? it is a tremendously useful tool.
And onto my next point. I am what some would call “Indigo”, and “Old soul” but these labels frustrate me immensely, because so many people allow them to be defined by being a star-seed, or a “Light-worker”. And then they also claim to have no ego. and yet they go around judging people and completely shunning the Yin.

As the philosopher Alan watts says quite eloquently:

“They play a game in which they try to beat the black, and make white win. which of course, is completely absurd.”

We need to accept reality as it is, not the way we’d like it to be.

It makes an absolute mockery of Spirituality. I’ve seen comments on youtube (as an example) that have these “new age” people say all kinds of nasty things to someone, and at the very end, they say peace, love and light, Namaste, you #%^er. (I’m serious.)
It boggles the mind. And others Who talk about manifesting your reality and refuse to help someone because they manifested their circumstances, or it is their karma. That makes me sick. Mainly because they miss the point.
What if they manifested those circumstances to learn to appreciate the help of others, or perhaps not to try to do everything on their own?
It’s almost funny in a way.

But let’s talk about the old soul label now. I’ve found alot of people on the internet use it as a sort of status symbol. “I’m an old soul. that means I’m more evolved than you”

Maybe it does. But I’ve found myself to simply feel world weary and disinterested in mundane affairs. Sometimes, It even makes me lazy. After all, everything is transitory.

To give a mundane example:

Why should I put any great effort into making my house spotless and perfectly clean when I know full well that it won’t last 5 minutes? Why not just keep it resonably clean instead? Life is like making sandcastles on the beach.

Honestly, I think being old is about yelling at the darn kids to get off your lawn while younger people change the world with their enthusiasm.

being more “spiritual” has nothing to do with it. Old is just old.

thanks for reading.