I made a video?

Hey guys. I hope christmas is enjoyable for most of you, although I know for many it certainly isn’t. Good god I know. I have aquired a webcam recently, and I’ve been playing with it. It’s been quite a bit of fun I have to say. I don’t think I’m quite prepared to show my … More I made a video?

What now?

Seeing as nobody wanted to read my last post, I’m making this one! because… reasons?  I guess people really do judge books by their covers. it was a happy post! well, mostly. It was kinda bittersweet. I don’t feel this cold dark void of oblivion creeping into my every thought anymore. I feel warm inside. … More What now?

Rising- Poem.

  It’s a poem. It’s not from anywhere, or copied from anything. It just came to me. I hope you like it? Anyway, See ya.   I did not know how far I had fallen until I saw the light Dare I make the climb? My wearied limbs cannot scrabble on for Disipline sends shudders … More Rising- Poem.

Gender roles, Or what makes something “feminine”?

I’ve been talking to someone lately about gender roles and the like. It got me thinking. These days, being a certain gender seems to entail doing some really interesting things. A woman is supposed to like the colour pink, or paint their nails, or wearing some strappy dress and high heels? I certainly don’t feel … More Gender roles, Or what makes something “feminine”?

Transgender Gate-keeping, Self-medicating, and other grievances

    I’ve heard people on the internet complain about people being able to just decide they are a man or a woman and society will hand them a bunch of medications and they will ruin their bodies. The EVIL agenda strikes again! Or so I hear. I’ve actually gone and seen Psychologists about gender … More Transgender Gate-keeping, Self-medicating, and other grievances