Dispelling Some myths about gender reasignment.

Hey there. I’m writing something literally no-one asked for. Unless you did. You know, when people are not well-informed about something, their imaginations tend to take over. It can be rather hilarious in hindsight. usually when People do that I complain and call them idiots. but hey! Why not just fill in the gaps instead? … More Dispelling Some myths about gender reasignment.

What’s Gender Fluidity all about?

You know, This is one of those topics that isn’t on most peoples radar.  (forewarning I’m going to callously talk about things considered taboo) Sure, You have the rainbows and the cringeworthy prose, But what does it all mean?  “love has no gender” “There’s So many genders” “Oh, Gender’s Fluid” It’s empty, devoid of meaning. … More What’s Gender Fluidity all about?