Some Advice for sleeping.

We all do it. Sleeping that is. Unless you’re undead or made of stone or something. And seeing as you are probably neither of those, I’m writing this. These days we live in some rather unnatural arrangements, much of which is not condusive to a good night’s sleep. It’s no wonder insomnia is so widespread. … More Some Advice for sleeping.


Have you ever wondered what stars are made of?

For all the knowledge we have in this proud century, we have become out of touch with reality. We sit in air-conditioned rooms in 40 degree heat, sleep through thunderstorms, and let people study the world for us instead of examining it ourselves. theories get built on assumptions, upon even older assumptions, and the whole … More Have you ever wondered what stars are made of?

What makes something “Unscientific”?

Have you ever heard something called “psudoscientific?” After a while I started to wonder what it meant. You see, I’ve been researching ‘alternate’ theories for some time now. And yes, there are some rather wacky fringe-theories out there (they deserve all the scorn they get). Personally I find this most infuriating in the field of … More What makes something “Unscientific”?