Have you healed your gut?

Hey, you! Have you gone and cut out all the junk food and empty carbs, started snacking on raw nuts and gotten rid of the nasty thing known as sugar? Great! So do you still have bags under your eyes and you still don’t you feel as amazing as you thought you would? Well, have … More Have you healed your gut?


Musing on Mussels

“In ancient times, the people fed on herbaceous plants and drank [only] water, picked fruit from shrubs and trees and ate the meat of oysters and clams…” Most of us automatically think of dairy when we consider a meatless diet. It’s a wonderful meat substitute if you can tolerate it. But it certainly isn’t paleo. … More Musing on Mussels

Is Raw food Healthier?

Generally speaking, we cook most of what we eat. While this is mostly benificial, it has its drawbacks. So it begs the question: is raw food better for us? Fruit especially, is something that wants to be eaten. And not all fruit is sweet. Historically speaking, even nuts like almonds were considered a ‘fruit’. More … More Is Raw food Healthier?