Food Combining- An Auyrvedic Practice?

I think we all know that certain foods shouldn’t be mixed together- But how strict should we be? Can we eat protein and starch in the same meal? Can meat and milk be mixed together? Will heating honey turn it toxic? Should fruit be eaten alone? Auyrveda gets dragged out to support many ideas. Food … More Food Combining- An Auyrvedic Practice?


Is Ketosis sustainable long term?

Ketogenic diets can have many benifits, including weight loss, increased energy, improved insulin levels, and can assist in the healing of various autoimmune diseases.Still, It’s a rather drastic change from our standard way of living, and quite difficult to follow. Ketosis involves giving up grains, starchy vegetables, most fruit, sugar, and even excess amounts of … More Is Ketosis sustainable long term?

Coconut Oil: not the superfood it’s made out to be?

Coconut oil has become the go to oil of late. It has those magical medium chain tryglicerides, along with a high smoke point, and no trans or hydrogenated fats. Sounds pretty good, right? I suppose it won’t kill you, but have you ever noticed it’s the fat equivalent of white sugar? It has no nutritional … More Coconut Oil: not the superfood it’s made out to be?